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Trade War with China Worsens

September 04, 2019

If the section 301 wave of tariffs that went from 10% to 25% on June 1 wasn’t enough, President Trump has further increased that to 30% beginning October 1, 2019.   This tariff will further due damage to B2B industries across the spectrum and in particular, the store fixture market.  In an already difficult retail environment in the U.S. for the past four years, the tariffs add a huge burden to importers who cannot manufacture affordable fixturing domestically.
Certain product lines supplied by Econoco were not affected over the past 12 months including mannequins, torso forms, acrylic displays, hangers, bridal bags and steamers.  That will now change beginning September 1, 2019 with a new 15% tariff.
Be advised that Econoco and Mondo Mannequins will try to hold off on price increases as long as possible with substantial inventories on hand at the lower cost.   If nothing changes, look for increases beginning in January 2020.   Hopefully by then the administration will have worked out differences with the Chinese government and move back to a free-trade environment.