1. Log-in at the top of the screen with your user name and password.
2. Call or email customer service to add multiple users to your account. Supply us with their user names. All new web accounts will use the password “fixtures”. Once a user logs in, they can change the password.
3. Once your account as been established, Click the “My Account” link near the log-in box to view your Billing Address & Contact Info, your Personal Customer Database List, Your Saved Quotes and the Change Your Password function.
4. Navigate Product Categories on the left of the screen. The new flyout menus allow you to easily view product lines.
5. Once on the product page, you can view product specifications, wholesale pricing, descriptions and images. Add Items To Your Order by clicking the big red “Add To Order” button. Check Stock Availability by clicking the link to view a small pop-up window. You will also see if an item is In-Transit and when it will arrive.
6. Also on the product page, you will see at least one product photo and many times there will be multiple new photos of an item. Once logged in, you have the ability to click on the photo to enlarge it, then right click on the image and save it to your desktop to use on your website or in your product catalog.
7. Get a Freight Estimate just by entering a zip code into the yellow box. You don’t have to waste time entering an entire shipping address on your end to see how much it costs to ship an item. Once you click the “Calculate” button you will see all of the shipping options we offer.
8. Select an existing Ship To Address from the drop down menu or Add A New Address. Once an address has been added, it is saved in your customer database for future use. This saves you time from entering ship to addresses for repeat customers.
9. If you want to Save The Quote without placing it, just click the “Save Quote” button at the bottom of the page and revisit the order at a later date. You must select an address to save a quote.
10. If you are ready to submit your order, just click the “Submit Quote Now” button. You will receive a confirmation that your order was received.
11. After the order has been processed, you will get a Confirmation email from our customer service department.
For help with our new site, please contact the customer service department at
800-645-7032 or sales@econoco.com.
For help with product brochures or downloading images, contact Dan Carman at ext 350.