Gridwall Metal Shelves

Many retailers face the dilemma of finding additional selling floor space to showcase their inventory. One of the most economical solutions is the versatile Gridwall system. Primarily used to merchandise wall space, Econoco offers a large selection of Gridwall accessories to enable retailers to fully utilize every square inch of their outlets to display merchandise to potential buyers. Our Gridwall ¼" and ⅛" Wire Shelving units are very popular. We even offer a Triangular shelf for merchandising even corner spaces. In addition to our 24" x 24" triangular shelf, we carry a 15" x 24" slanted shelf unit, for shoes, sneakers, and boots, and a 24" x 15" x 4-½" shelf that can be used for a variety of items from apparel to packaged foods. We stock slanted as well as straight shelving in an assortment of sizes. Econoco's Gridwall Wire Shelves feature black or chrome finishes that are chip and scratch resistant to provide years of reliable service. Self hooking, they attach easily to wall-mounted Gridwall panels to create displays quickly as well as to make short work of changeovers. Our representatives will have more great suggestions to meet your merchandising display requirements. Let us recommend the ideal solution for your retail store. Call us today at (800) 645-7032.
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