Retail Display Signage

Do not overlook the importance of retail display signage to generate sales. These can be placed anywhere on your selling floor, or can be wall mounted to draw shoppers to your merchandise. Sign holders attract attention which is key to making the sale. Delivering information to shoppers whether identifying departments, product lines, special promotions, closeouts or special sales is known to influence their buying decisions. As part of your overall selling floor strategy that includes well-designed traffic patterns, aisle width and good sightlines, signage is an important element to converting shoppers to customers, especially repeat customers who demonstrate brand loyalty.

Econoco's retail display signage options allow retailers to position promotions, sales, and other materials directly where these important communications can attract shoppers' attention. We offer Bulletin, Acrylic, Banner, Alligator Clip, and Metal, signage. Additionally, we carry the Stems, and Clamps needed to create eye-catching, and revenue-generating signage displays. Sign holders and literature holders for Slatwall and Gridwall are also available.