Perimeter Hardware Retail Displays

In the image above, see how you can create a flexible display using just a handful wall standards. These recessed standards from our Beacon Line are installed behind your wall boards making them far less visible than conventional surface mounted standards. Display folded merchandise like sweaters and jeans on wood or glass shelves using brackets that fit snugly into the standards.

Hang shirts and slacks on a rectangular hangrail supported by 12” long brackets so there’s plenty of clearance between the wall and your hanging garments, making it easy to add or replace different styles, sizes and colors. Create forward-facing displays for shirts and jackets with our saddle-mount waterfall faceouts. Use our 3” long bracket to keep your hangrail close to the wall and add faceouts to push your display toward your customer. Our waterfall faceouts make it easy for shoppers to see and retrieve all your most desireable merchandise.

Best of all, you can revise your display at a whim. Changing the layout to showcase heavier fall and winter clothes from light summer fare is quick and easy. You’re constrained only by your creativity and imagination.

We also offer wall-mounted faceouts, both straight and angled, if you want a more permanent presentation.