Retail Clothing Display Rack Twin Wheel Casters

Lightweight merchandise does not require a heavyweight caster to support your store racks. Econoco's inexpensive Retail Clothing Display Rack Twin Wheel Casters have been designed to support up to 70 lbs of apparel and are ideal for use in children's clothing stores, for racks showcasing swimwear, summer clothing, and lingerie. These casters feature either a ⅝" or 1" stem length and their diameter is 5/16". The twin wheel casters are available in black plastic, or black plastic with a chrome-toned wheel cover. Whatever your retail store requires, Econoco's representatives will be glad to suggest the right options to complete your look, enhance your merchandise and extend your selling floor space to achieve maximum profit. Talk with us at your earliest convenience or to place an order at (800) 645-7032.
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