Resale Tax Certificates

As of January 1, 2024


Econoco invoices WILL include state sales tax on ALL invoices for orders shipped to the states listed below UNLESS a valid Resale Certificate for that state has been submitted to Econoco.


Click on a state to download the latest Resale Sales Certificate.

Arizona - (AZ)California - (CA)Florida - (FL)Georgia - (GA)Illinois - (IL)
Indiana - (IN) - NEW
Massachusetts) - (MA) - NEW
Michigan - (MI)North Carolina - (NC)New Jersey - (NJ)New York - (NY)Ohio (OH)Pennsylvania - (PA)Texas - (TX)
Utah – (UT) - NEW
Virginia - (VA) - NEWWisconsin – (WI)


Failure to submit Resale Certificates to Econoco, will result in sales tax on the invoices.  Sales Tax will NOT be refunded after 60 days.

The company purchasing the merchandise from Econoco (the Bill To on the invoice, NOT the Ship To) MUST submit a valid, signed and dated  Resale Certificate for each state listed above.

The following states require the purchaser to be registered with the state in order to claim Resale exemption: California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Utah and Virginia. 

Please send Indiana, Massachusetts, Utah & Virginia resale certificates, if applicable, even if you have submitted them previously.  


Please email or forward by mail your completed Resale Certificates and any other correspondence to

SalesTax@Econoco.comKathy GentP.O. Box 100Hicksville, NY  11802

If you have any questions, you may contact Kathy Gent at 800-645-7032 ext 328.