National Freight Program

ECONOCO negotiates with freight carriers to provide our customers with the most cost-effective rates and highest level of service.  We use a variety of carriers to obtain this objective, which we refer to as our “house carriers”.  Our present “house carriers” consist of UPS Freight, FedEx Freight and SAIA Ltl.

NORTHEAST REGION -  Econoco utilizes UPS Freight to service this area.  The Northeast consists of New England and the Mid-Atlantic area, including Virginia on a freight prepaid basis only. Nearly all deliveries from our Pennsylvania distribution center to these areas, is on a next day basis.

LONG HAULS - The nation’s second largest freight carrier, UPS Freight, delivers the long haul freight from our distribution center in Pennsylvania. They were established in 1923, and have been a transportation industry leader providing innovative, customized solutions for moving freight throughout North America.

FREIGHT RATES - We continue to offer very aggressive freight rates.  These rates are reviewed annually to ensure our customers the most cost-effective rates in the industry.  We also review the service levels of each carrier monthly to ensure the best service level for our customers.


Call customer service at 1-800-645-7032 for up-to-date information
including freight rates and discounts.