Retail Display Mannequins

Retail display mannequins are a critical component to successfully marketing apparel and related merchandise. Econoco's figures are designed to highlight apparel and along with display fixtures create an ambiance to enhance the store or department's overall decor. We manufacture an expansive selection of male, female, and child mannequins and forms to compliment any store theme and lines of apparel. Department stores favor our realistic styles in fleshtone and white as well as our ethnic models. For a more dramatic display, consider our ‘Abstract' Gene and Eve Collection of store mannequins in cameo white. These forms are available with heads or headless and are offered in a variety of static and manipulatable poses. This series comes in child and adult mannequins (including all-inclusive female plus-sized mannequins) which are ideal for vignettes that highlight the outfit, not the form. Create drama and high impact with our ‘Crystalline' series, available in male and female mannequins and constructed from translucent fiberglass. Another evocative line is ‘Slate', whose abstract features and charcoal tones attract shoppers to your wares. Sporting goods and athletic clothing stores and departments inspire sales with our well-toned Sports Store Mannequins in action poses. For a long service life, we recommend our Unbreakable mannequin series which provide an effective and economical way to showcase clothing and accessories. Econoco has been serving retailers' store display needs since 1925. Contact us today to help you fulfill all your requirements for retail display mannequins.