Mirage Mini Ladder Retail Display System

Available in dramatic black or chrome finish (from current inventory only), the Mirage Mini-Ladder System is a high-style version of the Original Ladder System. Slimmer and more streamlined, the architectural Mirage's mini-ladder design is compatible with numerous wire grid panel accessories. Its rungs will accept popular grid faceouts and brackets that most retailers already have on hand. 8-inch Wall Posts (WML87) require an Anchor Bracket (WK13) that attaches to the Horizontal Wall Channel (WAC8/W). The white wall channel must be permanently attached to the wall and may be painted to match the existing wall color. Vertical screws in the anchor bracket will secure the wall post to the wall. We recommend that you position posts at 24-inch or 48-inch increments for best results. Brackets will accept either hangrail or shelves depending on your display needs.

Free Standing Posts with bases are available in either 55-inch (ML55) and 73-inch height (ML73).
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