Retail Clothing Display Rack Industrial Casters

Refreshing your selling floor layout will become a one-person job and seem like less of a chore with Econoco's Retail Clothing Display Rack Industrial Casters. That's why we carry 2" hard rubber industrial casters with a 1" x 5/16" dia. threaded stem. Two locking and two non-locking casters make sure that once you've decided on your new arrangement, that the racks will stay put. Our solid rubber casters sold in a set of four casters and are designed to work with Econoco's K40 & K41 Box Racks, as well as our Round Racks. Econoco also carries durable 4" diameter Industrial Casters for RCS/1, RCS/2 & RCS/3 Garment Racks. Up to 150 lbs of clothing and merchandise can be loaded on racks supported by these casters. Note: their stem length is 1"; and the stem diameter is½". Casters can extend the versatility of your industrial rackage as well as Econoco's Garment, Box, and Round racks. To be sure that you're buying the right casters for your store's racks, we'd like you to speak with our representatives at (800) 645-7032.
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