Retail Display Showcase Counters

Retail store furniture serves several purposes. First, to showcase merchandise, generally products that require assistance for shoppers to examine. Second, through judicious use of retail display showcase counters, boundaries can be established, such as the placement of the POS terminals as well as Customer Service stations. Create an endpoint that shoppers will gravitate towards with Econoco's Extra Vision Showcases. We offer two options- one in a warm maple woodtone, and the other in sleek white finish. Both are easy-care melamine. The showcases are 48" wide, 38" high, and 20" deep. These showcase counters feature a tempered safety glass front, top and shelves and solid sliding privacy doors. When furnishing a new storefront or just giving your existing premises a fresh new look, turn to Econoco for all your merchandising display requirements. Our representatives will be glad to guide you. Give us a call at (800) 645-7032.