August 2020, Hicksville, New York

Dear Friends,

Econoco’s main office as well as its distribution center in Hazleton PA have remained open and operating efficiently throughout the pandemic. We attribute our success in keeping everyone heathy to our close adherence to CDC guidelines by wearing protective masks, constant disinfecting of trafficked areas and practicing social distancing. While the rest of the country is mired in increases in infection rates and hospitalizations, we consider ourselves very lucky and thankful to the Governor Cuomo of New York and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania for their incredible leadership.

While many of our customers and competitors were closed or in hibernation, Econoco’s design and engineering team worked tirelessly to bring to market an entire line of PPE products which are advertised prominently on Like our core competency of maintaining the largest stock inventories in the country, we have invested heavily in PPE having the best quality products available for immediate delivery at the lowest possible prices.

We witnessed a huge spike in sales of glass connectors for those companies manufacturing acrylic barriers as well as our entire bulletin sign holder line in every size and color. While we did sell out in June, new inventories have either arrived or are on the way.

Econoco has remained strong during these uncertain times. We have rehired most of those who were on furlough throughout the past four months. We are now interested in how we can help you reopen safely and reconfigure your stores to handle the new norm of social distancing protocols that we expect to extend well into 2021 and beyond.

Let us know how we can help.

Barry Rosenberg,
CEO | Econoco Corporation | Mondo Mannequins