Family businesses rarely survive past the second generation, but not Econoco Corporation. Now in its 97th year, with Barry Rosenberg currently at the helm, this third-generation family business has operated since 1925.

Initially, the company manufactured shoulder covers for apparel on display in department stores to keep them from gathering dust. This was during a time in retail when inventory didn’t turn over so quickly.

Barry’s uncle bought the existing business after World War II with a loan from Barry’s grandfather. Barry’s father joined the small company as a partner 15 years later. Together, they expanded the product line to metal store fixtures and displays by being the first to import from Asia in the 1960s.

The company sold to department stores and also partnered with wholesalers with storefronts in every major U.S. city. They later added another brand – Mondo Mannequins – importing visual displays at much lower costs than domestic manufacturers.

Econoco is committed to building and growing a world-class organization. Found out how.